Sequoia National Park visit & Souvenir info

Hi, I’m Saki.
I went to Sequoia National Park the other day.

What is Sequoia National Park?

It is a vast national park in California, USA.
The rough position is between San Francisco and Los Angeles.
The biggest giant tree in the world, Giant Sequoia is famous.
The nearest international airport is Fresno Yosemite International Airport, as its name says, in the city of Fresno.
Since there is no direct flight from Japan, it is common to route via San Francisco or rent a car or tour from San Francisco.

Personal opinion recommended car rental

On the way to Sequoia National Park there is a wonderful view from the mountain road and richness, and it is a very enjoyable way for those who like to drive.
I think that it is a scenery and a way that I can not see in Japan.
Personally I think renting a car and enjoying this winding and scenery is the best!
However, American car rental is obviously a left steering wheel car, so it is a bit tough if you are not used to riding from the usual time.
There are many narrow roads for winding also for the size of a car, so it will be a bit strict if it is the first left hand drive.
So I recommend you to get used to the left hand while you are in Japan.

To the forest of Sekoia!

From Fresno for an hour, if you are in San Francisco for about 3 hours, there is a toll gate at the entrance of the National Park. We will pay the admission fee here. By the way, if you go by car such as rental car, price will be $ 35 per car. It is the same as Yosemite National Park. Since it seems that the validity period is one week, it is advantageous to split in groups and go for days. Payment is also smooth because we can use credit card at tollgate.
Also, as with Yosemite this is long after entering the toll gate …
Perhaps, I think I was driving for around 30 minutes.

When coming from Fresno it is the grand floor forest of Sequoia, “Grand Grove” that will welcome you first,
However, as I visited from a quite maniac city called Visalia south of Fresno,
The first thing I greeted up was “Giant Forest”.
I was excited. I am trapped in the illusion that I became a dwarf.
Anyway, a big tree grows around there.
Of course, looking from the biggest tree “shaman tree”, it is only chick but still a big tree is growing around there that can not be seen in Japan.
Also, as you get off the car, you can see the intense fragrance of cedar is drifting.
I think that this also can not sniff in Japan.
For example, is it a scent of a bath agent for Western brand forest bathing?
It is a good place for rental cars to get off like this, like you like.

By the way, Sequoia National Park is located at a high altitude so we recommend taking a cold weather wear.
Even when I went there, snow was piled up around the tree of General Shaman although Fresno town was nearly 30 degrees hot. Apparently it seems it fell the day before.

General shaman tree

The world’s largest shaman tree has its own parking lot, which is about 10 minutes on foot from there.
Since the walking course is paved, it is very easy to walk and you can feel free to visit.
シャーマン将軍の木2 シャーマン将軍の木1
Well, it is the General shaman tree, but it is big enough to fit in the picture.
It seems that the height is another tree as it seems to be the world’s largest volume.

Personal recommendation is “Tough Twins” divided into two from the root which was near that.
The root is a hollow, it is just right size to get in alone.
Entering into this makes it a mysterious feeling. (What is it …)

Giant Forest Museum

As I go down the trail from Shaman’s tree, there is a Sequoia museum in front of this huge sentinel tree. There are parking spaces here, so people with difficulty walking may also move by car.
I feel that souvenirs were on sale, but I do not remember it.

· Souvenir information of Sequoia National Park

There is a district called Lodge Pole a little northward from the trees of the shaman and the giant forest museum, and there is the Lodgepole Visitor Center there.
This is a tourist information center.
Next to that there is a shop called “Lodge Paul Market & Grill” where snacks and souvenirs are sold.

First of all classic T-shirts and hoodies

シャツと石 Tシャツとパーカー 子供用シャツ

There are various mugs.

Tシャツ マグカップ色々

Tシャツとマグカップ Tシャツとマグカップ

Here we sell hats that can be used when trekking.


We also have snacks that can be eaten when hungry goes down.

Beef jerky in the foreground, but I can not bring it to Japan, so let’s eat it while traveling.

And a bear of wood carved familiar in Japan! !


Wood carving or bambooed nameplate


“Firewood” is visible in the back. When you camp, you can use this. It seems to be because using trees brought from outside may have an adverse effect on the ecosystem.

And surprising is “Sequoia” seedlings!!

セコイアの苗 セコイアの苗

It says “Do not plant within park boundaries!”. Apparently, the type of Sequoia we are selling is not in the Sequoia National Park, so it’s probably thinking about the impact on the ecosystem.
Or, I think that we can not bring back to Japan either …

I hope you find everything useful.